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2014 Adjustments and Announcements

First and foremost, We at t by Sarah, Inc. would like to Thank You for your continued Patronage and Support. We would Not Be Here Today if it were not for Loyal Customers like You.

Due to increasing costs from many of our suppliers (Packaging, Labeling, Organic Tea and Botanicals) we have been forced to adjust prices and make a few changes at t by Sarah.  This decision has been difficult and we tried to hold off for as long as possible; but in order to sustain the Integrity and High Quality of our

All Natural and Organic Herbal Products, some adjustments were necessary. 

 We have added 4 oz. and 8 oz. Loose Tea Options and Silver Stand- Up Pouches will now be the new 

12 tea bag packaging (same packaging as the 1 oz. loose teas). We are also happy to announce the arrival of  New Artisan Tea Blends, Tea Infusers, Honey Dippers, Tea Tongs and other Accessories that will be available for purchase by the end of April.

*Please note that the bagged tea option will be available for Retail Purchase until Stock Runs Out.

At that time, we are hoping to transition to an All Loose Retail Tea Selection.*